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All discussion related to gameplay features and suggestions on Kinstrife
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Once Upon a Beat
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Sun Apr 22, 2018 2:56 pm

I make this post to speak further about the "fighting mechanics"based on the physics engine and what could we do to defeat our enemies , like maybe:
-throwing bodies or object?
-Jump on?
-break or cut things?

All this things are generally NOT in the current next gen games, it makes poor combat or too much scripted action....
My very best experience in terms of fighting system was in "Dark Messiah" but it's a 2006 game oO"!!! So let's make progress! :D i assumed that it's hard to go on the balance of the fun and the realism to make immersive fight and fun too but i think that physics will break the game!! what do you think?
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Sun Apr 22, 2018 3:31 pm

Hi Nicolas, happy to have you here and involved in the forums, and thanks for kicking off the discussion on combat mechanics of the game.

As you know we are currently in pre-alpha stage, meaning the ideas we have for the game are formed but far from settled yet. As such please take everything we say with a grain of salt as they will inevitably be subject to change, as we see with many games.

That said, this is a topic both Christoph and I (and I'm sure many others) are very excited about as well. Not only because we feel that the possibilities are limitless, but also for a lack of games that have have done it right before.

We currently have a pretty solid base and direction for combat in the game, which is based on a directional attack system, paired with dynamic footwork. This means you commit to executing certain moves to varying degrees (from short steps, to lunges), with varying effects.
On top of that we have a Combat Attribute model with factors like stamina, balance and consciousness that all tie in to the moves you are doing (we'll be explaining how this works in a future blog post).

These are some of the features you will be able to try for yourself (using unarmed combat) in the upcoming Alpha Preview. Please keep in mind they are all in development and will be improved upon!

As for what the future holds - we aren't completely sure but we will continue to make attempts to push the boundaries of melee combat in video games, particularly for features we feel are well within our capabilities to execute right! Specifically:
  • Guard stances
  • Weapon grips (e.g. underhand/overhand spear, or 1H / 2H)
  • Throwing objects
  • Pushing
  • Kicking
  • Special/customizable moves
And possibly:
  • Grabbing / grappling
  • Fighting styles (depending on the setting)

Hopefully this answers part your question for now. Feel free to continue the discussion on points you find interesting!
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Mon Sep 24, 2018 8:22 pm

would be cool to have a limb drag and move feature in the armory so your guy can have a custom stance with his weapon or shield. if you wanted the shield close to the body or held up and pointed at the enemy, then you could move your weapon so it rests on the shoulder or have the handle down by the hip with the point at the enemy.
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Tue Sep 25, 2018 10:15 am

We already have a couple of poses you can strike, but a pose editor is actually a pretty cool idea. It's not going to be a priority some time soon, but after talking with Khaya there are a couple ideas of how we could take it even further.
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