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Official announcements related to Kinstrife and the Studio
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About two weeks ago, we released our first alpha preview to the public. It was a moment we had been looking forward to with both gleeful and worrisome excitement. Having worked 'undercover' for so long, we really wanted to make a great first impression and were eager to show people what we've been putting so much effort and passion into. Looking back, we are very happy with how things went and would like to thank you for the great feedback you have given us! We are glad that the vast majority of it has been positive and supportive, which has definitely given us even more motivation to tackle this project. Another thing we're particularly happy about is that only few major bugs have been reported - and that people have also only encountered a limited amount of smaller issues.
We also appreciate the criticism we are getting - the most common being performance issues and the combat controls. These are our current focus, leading to our next point, the roadmap:

Short term goals - next release
  • Switching to a more performance friendly scene
  • Improved combat controls
  • Customizable/tweakable combat controls
  • A more complete options menu
  • Various small improvements

Mid term goals - the coming months
  • Armed combat
  • Basic campaign gameplay
  • Major upgrades to the tech behind the scenes (which will be covered in the streams, in case people are interested)
  • AI single combat improvements

Long term goals - not going to happen this year
  • Modding support
  • Improved campaign and story mode
  • Ranged combat
  • Major AI upgrade
  • Tactics

Most importantly, since we are still in pre-alpha, much of this roadmap is still malleable. We hope to be filling in the details with your feedback, so make sure to attend the monthly devstreams and keep the suggestions coming!

Thanks for all the support, & special thanks to our Patrons!

Christoph & Khaya
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Thanks for this amazing works!!
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